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Discounted Medicines Online

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Buying medicines online has never been so easy! Pharmacy junction with its excellent consultation and delivery service has made it extremely useful for people living in Parramatta and across Australia to order their medicines online.

Stocking over 1000 different medications, we are one of the leading suppliers of pharmaceutical needs in Australia! Get relief from a full range of symptoms covering allergies, stomach aches, antiseptics, cold and flu, coughs, sore throat, pain relief and much more.

Pharmacy Junction is a Quality Care Pharmacy (QCPP) and is accredited for retail, online and internet order pharmacy.

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Advantages of Buying Medicines Online

People buy online from us because we offer:

  • Convenience
  • Access to a wide variety
  • Discounted medicines
  • Hassle-free shopping
  • Expert pharmacists

Medicines Available on our Online Store

We have an extensive range of medicines. These can help you get over health issues including allergy, hay fever, cold and flu, cough, sore throat, stomach worms, dehydration, cold sore, etc. Our medicines are 100 percent genuine and are bought directly from the manufacturers.

Discover a wide range of Medicines at Pharmacy Junction and enjoy huge discounts across the entire range!

Looking to Fill Your Prescription Online?

Many medicines can be only be sold with a prescription in Australia. Pharmacy Junction complies with the Government laid rules for all prescription medicines. We can provide you with the prescribed medicines online only if you can present us with a valid prescription.

Simply send us your prescription via email. Our licensed pharmacists will review it and the medicines will be sent to your doorstep. You can even consult our chemists over the phone for any related issue.

Send us your prescribed medicines at [email protected]

Pharmacist-Only Medication

Look no further as we provide you with access to pharmacist-only medicines. All you have to do is place an order. You can do that over the phone as well. A licensed pharmacist will counsel you before we send medicines from our online store without a prescription.

Talk to one of our pharmacists at (02) 96332238