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To conveniently order your prescription straight to your door please complete the form and attach your QR code or a copy of your valid Australian prescription. Our fantastic team of pharmacists will review your order and will be in touch with more information including the total cost and will let you know if anything further is required.

Ordering your medication online through Pharmacy Junction means that you can ask our team of experts any question relating to your medication. We offer full consults with our prescriptions to ensure you are getting the highest quality of care.

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    Eugenio Tung
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    Roxana Ayres
    This is the best pharmacy in town.
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    Ellora Fan
    Very quick, professional and affordable service!
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    Calin Fordham
    Great services. Professional staff.
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    Very good staff. Excellent service!!

    Online Chemist Store In Australia

    Pharmacy Junction is your go-to Online Discounted pharmacy and chemist store in Parramatta, Australia. We offer a wide range of pharmaceutical, beauty, personal care and health care products in our online store.

    We abide by all the rules and regulations set by the Australian government as well as the delivery service rules for online selling. You can trust our team of pharmacists and chemists who are experienced and diligent. Consult us about medications over the phone or via email.

    CPAP Machines and Equipment

    We sell a wide range of CPAP machines, masks, and parts. We also offer rentals for both machines and masks.

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