What Are Essential Vitamins and Minerals for Women?

Women need many specific nutrients for their body which sometimes cannot be supplied through a balanced diet. There is a wide range of women’s health vitamins and minerals available at discounted pharmacies and online chemist in Australia.

Before buying any supplements online, ensure you do your best to eat right and maintain a healthy, nutritious, and well-balanced diet while staying away from junk food and unhealthy meals. If your diet is still lacking essential vitamins and minerals, it is time to consider supplements and vitamins. As one of the best online chemists in Australia, we will walk you through some of the vitamins and minerals that are essential in a women’s diet. Remember, before starting any vitamin or mineral supplement, consult your GP, especially if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, taking any other medications, or have allergies to any medications.

Women’s multivitamins are a great place to start for females who believe they are not getting all the nutrients they need through their diet. These vitamins would still need to be in conjunction with maintaining a good diet as it is not a replacement for food. Also, when buying vitamins for women, remember that the nutritional needs change as you move through different stages of life, so ask your discounted pharmacy about a multivitamin that is suitable for women in your age group.

Multivitamins for women generally contain B vitamins, vitamins A, C, D, E, and K; and a range of minerals, such as calcium and magnesium.

Calcium Supplements
Calcium is a crucial element to build up strong bones as well as healthy muscles, nerves and heart, hence it is very important to maintain enough calcium supply at all ages, starting at a younger age. Your diet needs to contain enough calcium to support your bones by providing you with 1,000 milligrams every day. This amount should increase to 1,200 milligrams when you are in your 50s.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is another essential vitamin for bone health that can also help reduce the risk of certain cancer types and heart disease. Vitamin D also promotes calcium absorption in the stomach and intestines. If you cannot get enough Vitamin D from your diet through foods such as salmon, tuna, milk, juices, and cereals; you need to get 600 IU of it from supplements increasing to 800 IU after the age of 70.

Iron Supplements
Iron is important for a healthy circulatory system, which means women will need more iron in the diet as they lose a lot of blood during menstrual cycles and pregnancy. Iron deficiency could lead to anaemia. Iron can come from animal or plant sources. The daily requirement for women aged 19 to 50 is 18 mg of iron, for pregnant women, it is 27 mg of iron daily, and for women, 51 years and older it is 8 mg.

Folate Supplements
Folate is a B vitamin that is naturally present in a wide variety of foods. Pregnant women or those planning to become pregnant need folic acid supplements, even if they maintain a folate-rich diet.

Magnesium Supplements
Magnesium supports many functions throughout the body and is especially important for women older than 40 years to help prevent the bone loss that may lead to osteoporosis. It also helps regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels, which reduces the risk of heart disease and diabetes.

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Which Supplement is Right for You? The Beginners Guide to 5 Popular Supplements

When you visit an online pharmacy’s website and see the long list of supplements, it can be intimidating for beginners who don’t know where to start. Therefore, the team at Pharmacy Junction has put together a guide for you!

It is important to remember that buying supplements online should not replace proper nutrition. A supplements’ purpose is to help you achieve your fitness goals quicker by giving you the required boost in your diet and help bridge any nutrient gaps, for your body to reach optimal performance. No matter what your fitness goals are, you should know what the ingredients are in any supplements that you buy online or in-store at a discounted pharmacy. These are a few commonly used ingredients utilized in supplements:

1. Protein Supplements
While old textbooks and some official guidelines state that the human body needs 10-15% of its daily caloric intake from protein, extensive research and testing claim that 20-30% is a more accurate intake, especially for intense training and hard-core athletes.

As athletes require high amounts of protein, it is logical to think that food intake would be the main source, but this process can be time-consuming and expensive since you are required to eat every 2 to 3 hours. That is why buying protein supplements are the quicker and more affordable option, especially for those with a busy schedule.

This is especially true after a workout where whey protein supplements are more beneficial due to quick digestion, making it the ideal workout protein supplement.

2. Fish Oil Supplements
Fish oil is very popular for the various benefits it provides due to its high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA and DHA, popularly known as ‘Omega 3’. These acids are considered “essential fatty acids” that are very beneficial for human health but aren’t made by the body, so an external source is needed.

Omega 3 can be found abundantly in oily fish, eggs, grass-fed beef, and some wild animals as well as non-animal sources like Brazilian nuts and walnuts.

Fish oil supplements are available at most discount chemists and online pharmacies, providing an ideal source of omega 3, which is beneficial for muscle building, burning fat, cognitive function and immune system among many other benefits.

3. Branched Chain Amino Acids Supplements
The amino acids supplements containing leucine, isoleucine and valine, are usually taken during intense training to improve prolonged performance. These supplements aid muscle recovery as well as reduce muscle breakdown which leads to more total muscle growth.

When taking these specific workout supplements, athletes notice increased energy and a boost in strength which improves the overall muscle-building process. BCAAs are also naturally found in high protein food, but supplements are particularly beneficial for those who do intensive workouts. They are also helpful on recovery days to help maintain lean body mass.

4. Glutamine Supplements
Glutamine is another popular supplement that assists with joint health and muscles. It is an amino acid found in protein and is the most abundant amino acid in skeletal muscle that plays a vital role in immune system health and body wellbeing.

Glutamine supplements and other joint health & muscles supplements can also, provide the following benefits: muscle growth, reduced muscle breakdown, healthy immune system function, and improved gut health.

Glutamine supplements are also recommended for after workouts as they are proven to have the ability to re-synthesize muscle glycogen and glutamine levels lost during exercise without the release of insulin. This can be very beneficial for those who work out daily with a limited carbohydrate intake, assisting them in quicker muscle recovery.

5. Creatine Supplements
Creatine supplements are known to improve sprint times and boost the performance of athletes, especially those who perform a high-intensity activity, such as weightlifting, martial arts and strength training.

MuscleTech Cell Tech contains creatine monohydrate, which has been around the longest and is the best-tested.

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Buying Online Supplements: How to Choose the Right Supplement

When you are looking to buy a supplement online, it can be hard to make the right choice! Many discounted chemists and online pharmacies make misleading claims or sell supplements that have unnecessary additives, which means you need to do some research before ordering your supplement online.

We have put together a quick guide for you to find the right high-quality supplement online for yourself.


1.  What Do You Need?

It is important to understand what you need first, as not everyone needs a supplement and the requirements vary from person to person. You might not need a supplement if you maintain a balanced diet but you might have some deficiencies you need to address or other requirements that supplements can help with.

People usually buy supplements for the following reasons:

A. Age: due to ageing, some people need to buy vitamins as they are more at risk of deficiencies (for example Vitamin D)

B. Medications: some medication could suppress the production or absorption of certain vitamins (for example proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), can inhibit the absorption of vitamin B12)

C. Medical conditions: certain medical conditions could induce certain deficiencies (for example, coeliac disease due to the gut’s partial damage)

D. Allergies: which could affect the diet and in some cases derive the body from certain vitamin-rich nutrients

E. Diet: people on a certain diet might find it hard to find food which contains the required vitamins (example: vegans might find it difficult to find food rich in Vitamin B12)

F. Pregnancy: which requires a higher intake of certain vitamins such as folic acid

It is best to consult your GP and get a blood test to help you understand whether you have any deficiencies for which you would require certain supplements. This would help you make an informed decision about whether you need a supplement. This is especially true if you are on any medications, in which case it is crucial to discuss with your doctor first.

2.  Find High-Quality Supplements Online

Now that you know which supplement you require (if any), it is important to know where to find a good supplement and if you can buy online.

What to watch out for:

  1. Be cautious when you find any claim that is too good to be true, such as ‘Burn 2000 calories with 1 pill’ – it probably is false.
  2. Check the ingredients and ensure you understand what they are since many cheap supplements contain unnecessary additives that could be harmful. This is especially important for those with allergies or intolerances.
  3. Check the dosage and make sure this is in line with what you require. More is not always better and over supplementing your body is not a good idea and could lead to health problems that are worse than the deficiencies (for example Vitamin D toxicity).
  4. Bioavailability: which is the amount of the nutrient that can be absorbed by the body.
  5. Cost: some supplements are too expensive, make sure it is affordable since you will need to use it mid to long term. If you cannot find what you need in stores, check an online chemist.


If you need assistance finding the right supplement for you, talk to our team today or shop our range of online supplements available on our website always at low prices. 

Buying Medications Online from a Discount Chemist? Check Out Our Tips for Your Safety

Large pharmacy chains as well as smaller local pharmacies sell medications online. This trend has been increasingly popular since the rise of Covid-19 pandemic, where online shopping has boomed massively due to the benefits it provides.
When you are ordering medications online from a discount chemist, you get the following benefits:
      • Convenience – your online discounted pharmacy is available 24/7, so you do not need to worry about visiting within business hours
      • Safety – you do not need to walk into a busy discount chemist shop
      • Saving time – you do not waste your time heading back and forth from the shop, your online order comes to you
      • Saving money – many online chemists offer super deals and very competitive pricing when compared to local physical stores
      • Privacy – you do not need to talk to anyone, and your privacy is guaranteed
      • by the chemist who protects your data
In saying that, you cannot always trust any online seller, since you do not know who you are dealing with, and there are many pharmacies who claim they are the ‘cheapest online pharmacy
’ but they could be dishonest or fake. Do not let anyone take advantage of you, as some of the risks include:
      • Receiving an order that contains fake, unapproved, expired, substandard, or harmful medicines that have been pulled from the shelves
      • Ordering from a discounted pharmacy that does not have quality control standards for logistics, preparation and packaging
      • Getting the wrong medication which seriously puts your health at risk
      • Losing your money by not receiving the medication after paying for it
      • Not having the correct label information

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) offers useful tips for making your online medication purchases safe and rewarding. This includes:

      1. Being suspicious of wild claims (such as instant results and save 95% when you buy now)
      2. If a website or product seems too good to be true, it probably is

Note: medicines bought online from overseas are not regulated by the TGA, so make sure you buy your products from within Australia and through a licensed online chemist.

Items not regulated by the TGA have a high chance of:

      • Being counterfeit
      • Containing the wrong amount of active ingredients
      • Being contaminated with toxic chemicals
      • Containing undisclosed or dangerous ingredients
      • Being past their use by date
The Importance of Getting a Prescription

Only buy prescription medications online if your GP or specialist has already diagnosed your condition and prescribed the medication. Buying prescription medications without the advice of your doctor is illegal and also puts your health at risk. Many prescription medications have adverse reactions, and dangerous drug interactions.

Your doctor will consider these prior to prescribing a medication, among many other factors including your overall health, age, conditions that you have, any other medications you are on and other medical and personal history they have got on file.

The Importance of Buying from a Reputable Online Chemist

Reputable online chemists that sell medications are those that:

      • Require a prescription from a licensed Australian healthcare provider
      • Are a licensed pharmacy in good standing in Australia
      • Have a licensed pharmacist available to answer your questions
      • Sell only drugs that are TGA-approved
      • Have clear policies to protect your privacy
Report Problems to the TGA

If you suspect that a site selling medications is not a licensed pharmacy, report it to the TGA.

Buying medications online can seem like a simple, affordable option, but products bought onlinecan be a serious risk to your health. If you need to buy medications online from a discounted chemist, shop online now at Pharmacy Junction, a leading licenced pharmacy in Parramatta with delivery options Australia wide.

Health Tip: Get Flexible

Stretching is something we neglect a lot of the time even the staff at Pharmacy Junction, but taking a few minutes out of your day to stretch is really going to benefit you It’s going to make you a lot more mobile, prevent injuries, and you’re going to feel a lot better in general. Many people simply don’t stretch enough because they’re not flexible. But to get flexible, you need to stretch. If you can barely touch your toes without a grimace, you’re not going to want to add it to your daily routine even though stretching is something you enjoy. Anyone who thinks they have to be able to bend over backwards to get a decent stretch just needs to start with beginner stretches for flexibility that let you ease into it slowly.

1. Starting on your knees with your back to a with a couch, chair, or footstool.

2. Rest your palms on the piece of furniture behind you. Your fingers should be pointed away from you.

3. Push your chest out and look upward to open your chest and shoulders.

4. Hold for one minute.

Health Tip: Thyroid Health

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located in the neck. It’s part of the endocrine system and its job is to release hormones that control your metabolism. The main thyroid conditions include hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Hashimoto’s disease, and Graves’ disease.

While there are a variety of medical and natural remedies for thyroid disorders, eating the proper diet for thyroid disease is the first lifestyle change you should make. With the right foods, you can not only prevent certain thyroid conditions from developing, but your diet can help you to heal as well.

Before you look at the nutrition and diet for thyroid disease, you need to look at your digestion. You always start with the health of your gut. Because even if you are eating the perfect diet, it won’t matter if your digestion is weak and you are not breaking down and absorbing the nutrients. So, it’s essential to make sure you optimize your digestive fire.

First, let’s look at the foods you should eat from a nutritional perspective. To treat a thyroid condition, you need to cut out problematic foods and increase nutrient-dense healing foods.

Make sure you get plenty of antioxidants through fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants are going to help the thyroid gland be as healthy as possible.

Berries, especially blueberries are high in antioxidants. For this reason, they should be at the top of your list.

Other fruits and veggies that contain a good amount of antioxidants are:

Bell peppers




Some Major Advantages for Buying Medicines From online pharmacies

The consumers prefer to purchase medicine online due to COVID 19 situation. The global online pharmacy is also rising at a considerable rate. Trust in e-commerce is now becoming an acceptable norm to do online shopping. The Internet has become a commonplace to buy products ranging from clothes food, furniture, etc. there are now myriad of online pharmacies. Consumers are replacing a trip to the pharmacy with a click on the internet. The consumers buy medicines services online with the same confidence which they have with their neighborhood pharmacist.

Online pharmacies are extremely beneficial; patients can receive help timely and in a discreet manner. Pharmacy Junction can be a great help, it is a fully registered pharmacy, adhering to the standard set by the General Pharmaceutical Council. Pharmacy Junction strives to offer professional services and the best products.

Here are some of the main advantages of purchasing medicines from online pharmacies are – Convenience

This is one of the main advantages of buying medicine from an online pharmacy, for the people who lead a busy life and do not have time to visit the pharmacy, it is extremely helpful. Elderly an infirm will be no longer travel dependent. They will be able to order prescription medicine from the comfort of their house. One does not have to wait in the long queues and not have to worry about the whole process.


When you buy your medicine online you will have the choice of a dozen retail shops which will be offering a similar product. Once you have a prescription for a particular drug spend some time and save some money as well. They may be some online pharmacies that will offer you free delivery while others will tempt you by providing discounts for the next time. Just remember you have many choices, therefore do some research and you can get a great deal.


The online pharmacist will be fully qualified and professional and has a duty of care to their customers. You can check the online pharmacy and ensure that you are buying from a certified and fully legitimate pharmacy; you will also be offered sound medical advice as a part of their services. They will also help you to download and print the relevant information.

Simple process

There are efficient delivery and a very simple process of ordering medicines online. Our website provides very quick delivery and helps to avoid the hassle of a long waiting period. Once the online pharmacies receive the order then it gets reviewed by GMC registered doctor and the treatment will be sent on the same working day.


People also feel comfortable purchasing medicines only moreover they also simply discuss with the professional about the prescription more comfortably rather than in person. Pharmacy Junction can help you to purchase embarrassing products or dysfunction treatment in a discreet manner. You will get the packaging and billing information in a discreet manner too. This will surely provide you peace of mind.

At Pharmacy Junction, is one of the best Pharmacies in Parramatta! With us, you will get all types of medicines as well as we are the best-discounted pharmacy near you. Check our website now for more information


Useful Tips for Buying Medicines from Online Pharmacy

The Internet has changed the way we live; the people have started to purchase medicines from online pharmacies. More and more people have engaged in purchasing medicines online. But before purchasing online medicine one needs to be absolutely sure that the product they are purchasing is genuine. Online pharmacies also provide private consultation. They also provide discounted medicines and make it easy for the person to order the medicines.

When it comes to buying medicines online it is quite important to be quite careful as some medicine websites may not be safe and can put your health at risk. One might not have the proper scope to inspect the product online while on store they get the chance to check the product on the store, but there are measures one can take while purchasing the products online. To justify the online product here are some tips one can consider while purchasing medicines from online pharmacies


Valid prescription

Before purchasing medicines one needs to have a proper prescription as it is a critical aspect. Every shop will require a proper prescription before providing you the medicines, and if the shop sells genuine and quality medicines there will be a need for a prescription. If the online medical pharmacy advertises that prescription is not required then it is a red flag shop. A prescription is a proof that the medical practitioner has given you the approval of taking a particular medicine. It is important that one should always get the right drug.


The license of the shop

While purchasing the medicine from an online pharmacy it is very important to check the quality and license of the shop. Online pharmacies must need to have an accredited license to deliver the drugs in the state. The license and certification promise the authenticity of the drugs which are sold; they also guarantee the quality of the medicine.


Avoid foreign website

It is necessary that one should always try not to purchase medicines from the websites which do not belong to their native country, as the dosage and medicine information may vary from place to place and the delivery of the medicine may not be on time. It is essential to stick to the country you are in and is recommended to purchase the medication from the trusted pharmacy every time.


Avoid unsure medicines

Purchasing medicines that you are not sure of can cause great risk to your health and can also complicate the problem. OTC medicines are serious drugs and their consumption should be taken seriously. These medicines cannot be taken lightly while consuming.


Ask a question to the pharmacy

It is important that the online pharmacies should be able to answer your entire question while you are making a purchase. They should clear all your doubts and answer all your questions. There should be proper access to a qualified pharmacist and can easily answer all your doubts.  

If you want to keep your health in good shape then you can make the purchase of your medication from Pharmacy Junction who sells genuine drugs with great generosity. There are several fake websites as well which can easily hamper your health. We pride ourselves to be one of the best pharmacies in Parramatta.

Online chemists

How to Be Careful of Imitation Cosmetics Online

Getting new cosmetics and beauty products added to the web list makes you add them to your beauty regimen too to enhance your appearance. But you will not want the fake products to kill your natural beauty. Yes, you heard it right as there are a variety of fake beauty products available on the names of big brands that can ruin your overall elegance and appearance. 

Window shopping has become a trend and people are enjoying it too but safety is more important than convenience. There are always the chances that you may end up knocked off by someone while shopping online. Furthermore, it is not only about getting financially cheated but it can cause serious skin hassles too.  

Here, looking comprehensively on the type of items you need to buy will surely make you get the qualitative and reliable essentials at the end. Here below are gathered some of the tips that can help you distinguish between credible products and fake ones. So, let’s begin then.  

1. Choose Official or Authorized Seller

Do you always buy cosmetics online? Always ensure you buy the beauty products directly from the brand organization instead of third party sources. You can frequently keep an eye on the authenticated and authorized sellers that possess all the cosmetics and beauty products of original brands. Getting the products from authenticated sellers will not only provide safe products but will also give you the guarantee of your purchase. 

2. Examine the Ingredients

Before you make any purchase, always make sure you focus on packaging, ingredients, and more. You need to remember that expensive products are not the only key to glowing or healthy skin appearance. You must begin by purchasing the less expensive and natural ingredients based products to keep both the money and skin safe. However, if you are unsure about the exact product ingredients then you can visit the official brand’s website to cross-check the ingredients. 

3. Check the Brands and Proper Product Names

Whenever you step towards online shopping, always confirm the product availability on the web, which brand product it is, and what name is available on the online store and web. There are a variety of sellers who produce the products on their own without having any legal authorization from the government. Here, you can be scammed both in terms of skin safety as well as money. So, keeping your strong focus on item names and brands can better help you distinguish between the fake and original.

Quality is the responsibility of every brand and this is also what every consumer expects from every service provider. So, you as a consumer should always consider these ways to stay away from imitation cosmetics online and buy credible products only. However, you can also visit us at Pharmacy Junction where we provide every beauty essential, medicines, healthcare products, and personal wellness products too and that too of reputable brands without any compromise over quality. So, trust our services and let us provide you the safest essentials you require!