Savacol Mouth & Throat Rinse Freshmint 300ml

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Reduces dental plaque. Relieves discomfort of mouth ulcers. Aids in the treatment od early gum disease. Contains Chlorhexidine – a broad spectrum antiseptic with prolonged action.

For mouth ulcers: rinse 3 times daily.
For dental plaque: reduces dental plaque and the incidence of gingivitis. Rinse twice daily.
Post dental treatment: On advice of your dentist only.
Denture rinse: to prevent denture breath. Rinse daily in addition to denture cleaning.

Adults: 15mls of undiluted Savacol.
Children under 10: 7.5mls of undiluted
Rinse or gargle for 1 min after meals. Spit out. If throat or mouth infection persists, seek dental or medical advice.

Savacol may cause 1- staining of tooth surfaces and tooth restorations, or 2- an increase in tarter and 3- a temporary alteration in taste perception. Staining may be removed by your dentist.


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