Ronnie Coleman LIGHT WEIGHT BABY! – 60 Capsules

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While most products out there in this category might support fat loss, it is usually through a series of maxed out stimulants that give you a quick boost and an exhausting crash. RCSS has formulates LIGHT WEIGHT BABY to not only support fat loss with a potent metabolic support compound, but has also added a first of its kind focus and clean energy formula to keep you energized and dialed in without worry about the crash. While caffeine is a tried and true supplement that just about everyone adores, it needs to be supported with the proper ingredients to give you the desired result. LIGHT WEIGHT BABY offer 200mg of Caffeine Anhydrous per serving, this is a potent amount but not so much that it over stimulates or promotes crashing. In addition, we add natural energy enhancers like Green Tea Leaf Extract, Schisandra Berry Extract and Green Coffee Bean Extract that air the caffein in it’s job by prolonging the steady energized feeling. Now, we save the best for last, our focus blend that will have you zones in like the pros! Teacrine® and Dynamine® are patent ingredients that provide a clean focus with no additional stimulants. If you are trying to find that edge in your fitness goals or in the office, LIGHT WEIGHT BABY is the answer!*