Outbreak Fps 40 Serve

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Outbreak Fps 40 Serve

Nuka Fruit
  • Battleground Berry

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  • Caustic Cola

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  • Nuka Fruit

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Special IngredientsLutein
FlavorNuka Fruit
Material FeaturePlant Based
Item Weight323 Grams
Unit Count11.3935 Ounce

  • SNIPER VISION: Eye Health Boost – Lutein 10mg to prevent eye degeneration Plus a full 1000mg of Vitamin C to support immune health and further support your eyes. Improved Taste – Nuka Fruit, Battleground Berry and our new Caustic Cola now enhanced to be almost as delicious than the taste of victory.
  • BRAIN BOOST: Upgraded Energy and Focus Extreme Boost for massive hit of 250mg Caffeine, L-Theanine 150mg. and 3000mg of Taurine to assist with your body’s endurance levels and to provide support to your heart, brain, and blood pressure.
  • ENERGY & FOCUS: 400mg of Acetyl L-Tyrosine, which not only helps the body to produce catecholamines — precursors to Dopamine and Adrenaline that are crucial for mood – but also delays depletion during stressful situations.
  • MAX HP: High Level Health Endurance Formula – F.P.S isn’t just about hours of increased focus and energy, it also provides your body with Vitamin B3, B6, and B12 to support natural energy levels and prevent fatigue.
  • BLOODTHIRST: Feed Your Brain with NooLVL (1600mg) Clinically Proven Gaming Ingredient, a favorite of eSports athletes and a new addition to our F.P.S formula – Provides natural energy and advanced focus, which reduces mistakes and helps to eliminate cognitive deficit + S7 Plant-Based Nitric Oxide Booster (50mg)

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Batlleground Berry, Caustic Cola, Nuka Fruit