Oriental Botanicals Womens Qi 30 Tablets

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Chinese herbal medicine Oriental Botanicals Women’s Qi formulation has herbs traditionally used to promote normal menstruation and balance irregular menstrual cycles.

The specific Chinese herbs in Women’s Qi (also called chi) help invigorate the blood, which, for women experiencing thinning or hair loss, has the added benefit of encouraging normal hair follicle function. Men and women who get migraine headaches may also benefit from this product.

Women’s Qi supports women’s health, and specifically addresses a range of premenstrual symptoms including mild anxiety, irritability, mood swings, headaches, migraines, fatigue, breast tenderness, fluid retention, bloating, cramps, mild dizziness, sweet cravings, for ovulation and period pain relief, and heavy, prolonged or irregular menstruation.

When used by teenaged girls it offers a gentle approach for achieving a balanced menstrual cycle, and can be used by women across all life stages.

Women’s Qi regulates th


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