Nutriair Diffuser Immune 200 Inhales

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Strengthen your immune system with the new Immune Inhaler by Nutriair. This product will give you a combination of ingredients that will strengthen your immune system as well as help to fight disease and infections.

The Immune Inhaler is a new way to help deliver nutrients to the system. Instead of ingesting, you will consume the benefits through a nano mist, which will be absorbed instantly. The quick absorption means you will get the instant benefits of a stronger immune system.

When you take the Immune Inhaler by Nutriair, you’ll:
  • Help to support the immune system. Having a strong immune system is essential for a healthy life.
  • Reduce the symptoms of the common cold, flu and other infections. Because no one likes to experience the symptoms of a cold or flu for very long.
  • Have a diacetyl free inhaler. Diacetyl is a chemical found in food and oils to add flavour. This chemical has been linked to asthma, Mesothelioma, and lung cancer.
  • Get 200 inhalations, which will help you boost your immune system.
  • Improve the growth and development of bones and teeth with added vitamin D.
  • Build a powerful immune system, which will help to fight diseases and infections.

When it comes to improving your immune system and feeling better quicker Immune Inhaler by Nutriair is the product for you. The blend of herbal ingredients and essential vitamins will give you a stronger immune system to help fight disease and infection. It will also help you shorten the time of being sick and the symptoms. Try it out today.

With each inhalation of Immune Inhaler, you will get:
  • Echinacea extract to help reduce the symptoms of cold, flu and other illness
  • Astragulas extract, which is a powerful immune building plant
  • Elderberry extract to help treat influenza, infections heart and nerve pain
  • Ginseng root extract to help fight infections
  • Vitamin D3 to help grow and develop healthy bones and teeth
  • Zinc to help regulate the immune system
  • Vitamin C to help boost the immune system
  • No sugar, gluten, alcohol or nicotine


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