Natural Life Royal Jelly 365 1000MG 1.2% HDA

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Royal Jelly is a naturally occurring source of all the B Vitamins, Vitamins A, C, D and E, plus 18 amino acids and a range of minerals. The health benefits of of these nutrients is far reaching and includes support for the cardiovascular and immune systems and ongoing general wellbeing.

Health Benefits of Natural Life Royal Jelly High Strength 1000mg Cap X 60:

Royal Jelly is rich is B Complex Vitamins, known for boosting energy levels and stamina.
B Complex vitamins are associated with improving mood and reducing stress levels.
Royal Jelly contains high levels of vitamins A, C & E, all of which are often associated with skin health, elasticity and anti-ageing.
Vitamins A, C and E are also excellent sources of antioxidants
With Vitamin D, Royal Jelly may also assist in maintaining strong teeth and bones.

Australian Made Natural Life Royal Jelly is 100% pure, selected from only the purest beehives – free from chemical or antibiotic sprays. The soft gelatin capsules are BSE free and are made according to the Australian Code of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), so you get the highest quality of product every time.


Directions for Use

Take 1-2 capsules daily


Natural Life™ Royal Jelly is selected from the purest beehives – free from chemical or antibiotic sprays.

Natural Life™ Royal Jelly capsules contain a guaranteed 6% 10-HDA 200mg on input, equivalent to Royal Jelly 600mg (1.1% HDA). HDA is an important factor in determining quality and potency of Royal Jelly.

Royal Jelly is a complex nutrient comprised of proteins (13%), carbohydrates (14%), lipids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. It contains 18 amino acids and the whole range of the vitamin B group – pantothentic (B5) in particular.

Royal jelly consists of an emulsion of proteins, sugars, lipids and some other substances in a water base. Proteins make up about 13% of royal jelly. Most of the proteins comprise a family called major royal jelly proteins. About 11% of royal jelly is made up of sugars, such as fructose and glucose, similar to those found in honey. Lipids comprise about 5% of the substance and consist mainly of medium-chain hydroxy fatty acids, such as trans-10-hydroxy-2-decenoic acid.

Royal jelly also contains vitamins, such as pantothenic acid, minerals and phytosterols. Pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) is known to be essential for energy production and important part of healthy skin, hair and nails.


Contraindications & Cautions
Always read the label & use only as directed.

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