Natio Sweet Almond Carrier Oil 100ml

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Rejuvenate and condition skin with a premium base made from 100% pure cold-pressed plant oils. Allows safe application of essential oils while moisturising, nourishing and invigorating the face and entire body.

Deeply nourishing oil, naturally rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, helps to hydrate and soothe skin. Suitable for all skin types.

Plants Extracts:
Moisturising Sweet Almond Oil helps to nourish, soften and smooth skin.

How To:
Pure plant carrier oils provide a skin-friendly base, enabling you to safely apply essential oils to the face, body, hair, and a bath. For the face, blend one drop of your favourite essential oil with one teaspoon of carrier oil and gently massage into skin, avoiding the eye contour area. For the body, add 3-6 drops of essential oil for every tablespoon of carrier oil, and massage into skin. For sensitive skin, use one drop of essential oil with one tablespoon of carrier oil. Conduct a skin patch test prior to use. Discontinue if sen


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