MuscleTech 1.3 Litre Water Bottle

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Brand New Matte Black MUSCLETECH 1.3 litres Bodybuilding Water Bottle!

Brand New!

🔺 Drink 1.3L of water daily and feel the difference!

Our body consists typically around 70% of water & water is loss by perspiration etc. Ensure that daily recommended water intake is consumed by using this bottle!!

🔺Product Features

– Stainless Steel screw-on cap with a sturdy Nylon carrying strap!

– Made from Eastar Resin!

– BPA free!

– FDA approved & NSF 51 certified!

– Recyclable!

– Perfect bringing to the gym, daily uses etc!

Great for bringing to the gym as this bottle will allow you to fill your BCAAs or any other preworkouts to last your entire workout!

– No more multiple refills as this will ensure that you have sufficient water!!

🔺Do & Don’t – Don’t fill bottle with hot liquid, warm is fine! – Do not freeze the bottle as it will result in cracks! – Wash with detergent, baking soda or vinegar and tap water!


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