Metamucil Fibre Capsules 160

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Metamucil Fibre Capsules 160 AUST-L 118183

Metamucils 100% natural psyllium fibre helps improve your health and vitality in 5 ways:

-Daily clenser for your insides

-Assists in your bodies natural toxin removal

-Feel lighter

-Feel more active

-Maintain healthy cholesterol levels

A bulk producing fiber and laxative supplement which assists in your body’s natural toxic removal process to make you feel lighter and more active. 

If you take Metamucil every day, it will naturally help the elimination of unwanted waste from your body to keep your digestive system clean. Metamucil contains Psyllium Husk which provides the bulk to the digested food which helps it move through the digestive system.

Psyllium is a bulk-forming fibre. It works primarily through mechanical effect by absorbing water, bulking the colonic contents and decreasing transit time.



Each capsule contains 525mg of psyllium hush powder.


Take with at least 250ml of liquid (swallow one capsule at a time). For adults 12+, take 2-6 capsules to supplement daily fiber intake. Take 6 capsules to help restore and maintain regularity. Drink plenty of water.


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