Medescan Rainbow Mist Humidifier

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The Medescan Rainbow Mist is Australia’s latest way of soothing a dry nose, a congested chest or cough. Help relieve dry and chapped skin. Make Rainbow Mist part of your daily beauty routine for a younger healthier looking skin. With it’s silent operation and automatic shutoff ensures your loved ones get the best nights sleep possible. You will get 10 hours of continuous use if you run at the maximum flow rate. If using the low flow rate, you will get up to 20 hours of use.

Benefits of the Rainbow Mist ultrasonic humidifier compared
to older style steam vaporiser

  • Rainbow Mist produces cool water vapour and therefore
  • No risk of scalding.
  • Rainbow Mist uses between 12 and 23 watts of power.
  • Steam vaporiser uses between 400 and 700 watts of power.
    Cheaper to Run
  • The Rainbow Mist ultrasonic humidifiers produce finer mist;
    smaller water droplets and so will go deeper into the lungs for an
    improved therapeutic effect.
  • The Rainbow Mist has a flow control which allows the user to
    control the volume of mist produced depending on the size of
    room. Reducing the chance of mildew and mould build-up.
  • The rainbow Mist can be used as an aroma diffuser without the
    need for a specialised oil so you can enjoy your favourite aroma.
  • The Rainbow Mist can be used as night light with 7 different
    colours without the need to turn the humidifier on.


Directions For Use
Remove the vapour nozzle from the water tank. Invert the water tank and turn the filter cap counter-clockwise. Remove the cap and the attached filter. Fill the tank with clean water at room temperature. Screw the cap and filter, wipe off excess water drops around the water tank. Put the water tank back on the base. Secure the nozzle on the water tank. Turn the main control knob clockwise. The power indicator lights up green and humidification begins. Adjust the humidification level by turning power / humidification control knob. The humidification, vapour level increases by turning the knob clockwise. When the LED flashes Red, the water level is low. Humidification will stop. Please turn off the power and unplug from the main power supply. Refill water tank as per previous instructions. To stop the humidification, turn the main vapour control knob counter clockwise until a click is heard, the switch is now off. The LED light also turns off. For full directions for use, please refer to product manual included when you purchase this product.

Contraindications & Cautions
Always read the label & use only as directed.


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