Max’s Lean Muscle Fat Burning Capsules T-dex Ripp’d


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Key Features:

  • New Improved Formula
  • Supercharged with L-Carnitine and Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Boost Metabolism and BMR
  • Burn More Body Fat


Max’s Lean Muscle Fat Burning Capsules T-dex Ripp’d


MAX’S T-DEX is our next generation fat burning formula designed to increase Thermogenesis, boost metabolism, increase energy output, reduce body fat and help you realise your body composition goals.

Thermogenesis is the process of producing heat in living organisms – including humans. Producing heat requires energy, which is produced by burning calories for fuel. Those calories can come from the food you eat and the fat and carbohydrate stores you have in your body.

Certain nutrients are also known to increase thermogenesis and stimulate the burning of stored calories.

Protein is a classic example. The simple function of digesting protein (because it’s quite difficult to digest relative to carbs and fat), burns a lot of energy. In fact, up to about 30% of the calories of protein are used up just to digest it!

Other nutrients are known to raise your metabolism and increase longer-term calorie burning. Food derived ingredients like caffeine, green tea extract, cayenne pepper, and many other plant compounds have long been associated with increased metabolic rate and higher calorie burn. These ingredients most often form the basis of “Thermogenic” products used to help support healthy fat processing metabolism.

MAX’S T-DEX RIPP’D contains a combination of potent nutrients designed to help stimulate thermogenesis to burn fat and help you build a lean and ripped physique.

MAX’S T-DEX RIPP’D contains the following ingredients:

Acetyl L-Carnitine –  Animal and human studies show a number of benefits of Acetyl L-Carnitine including improved lipid metabolism, improved exercise performance, reduced mental fatigue, reduced muscle damage and soreness.

L-Carnitine – Like ALCAR, L-Carnitine has a number of key benefits. One of it’s key roles is helping to facilitate the transport of fatty acids into your muscle mitochondria, which helps maintain energy production during hard exercise. A number of studies in athletes have demonstrated improved performance when supplementing with L-Carnitine.

Dandelion Root Extract 6:1 – This plant extract (Taraxacum Officinale) has been studied as an anti-obesity agent. In animal studies, it has demonstrated inhibition of pancreatic lipase, the enzyme that breaks down fats for absorption.

Infinergy™ Caffeine Complex – This patented compound, known as Di-Caffeine Malate was developed by Creative Compounds and contains 75% Caffeine bonded to 25% malic acid (by molecular weight). Infinergy has a milder stimulatory and is longer lasting in comparison to normal caffeine. It is more easily digested and absorbed and doesn’t give many of the adverse side effects like the jitters and feelings of anxiousness.

Cocoteanol – This new compound combines Cocoa flavonols containing Theobromine with Camelia Sinensis Extract (green tea). Theobromine is an alkaloid that is structurally similar to caffeine without the normal side effects of caffeine including jitters and sleeplessness. Human and animals studies have shown Theobromine can help relax the fine muscle cells surrounding blood vessel walls to lower blood pressure and increase blood flow. Green Tea Extract contains high levels of EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate) and the amino acid L-Theanine. EGCG has been linked in studies to significant reductions in body fat and associated cardiac benefits of weight loss.

  • MAX’S T-DEX RIPP’D contains the following ingredients:

    Acetyl L-Carnitine (250mg), L-Carnitine (250mg), Dandelion Root Extract 6:1 (200mg), Infinergy ™ (Di-Caffeine Malate – 150mg),  Cocoteanol (75mg)

  • Serving Size: 2 Capsule

    Servings per container: 30

    NutritionPer Serve (1115mg)Per 100g
    Fat – Total0g0g
    – Saturated0g0g
    Carbohydrates – Total0g0g
    – Sugars0mg0mg

    1 Serve Per Day

    Take 1 serving (2 Capsules) per day with meals to maximise fat burning. DO NOT consume on an empty stomach. Can be taken 30 – 60 minutes before training to maximise fat burning during exercise. Avoid consuming within 4 hours of sleeping.


    MAX’S T-DEX RIPP’D is ideal for athletes looking to decrease body fat, increase athletic performance and build a lean muscular physique. MAX’S T-DEX RIPP’D should be combined with MAX’S Fat Stripping protein powder SHRED SYSTEM for maximum results.



    Q. Is T-DEX RIPP’D just for bodybuilders?

    Not at all! T-DEX RIPP’D can be used by anyone looking to burn fat and increase energy – athlete or otherwise. The important thing to note is that the formula does contain caffeine, so if you are sensitive do not take it too close to bedtime.

    Q. Can I take T-DEX RIPP’D on an empty stomach?

    The ingredients used in T-DEX are very potent and can cause some stomach issues if taken on an empty stomach. We always recommend taking each serve with food. This ensures an even digestion and absorption and will give you the best results.

    When To Use
    Pre Workout
    Post Workout
    During Workout
    All Day Use
    Night Time
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