Labrada Nutrition Pump GC Muscle Pump Booster 63 capsule

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About this item

  • Muscle Pump Booster
  • Nitric Oxide Precursor
  • Enhances Performance


The main ingredient in PUMP GC, GlycoCarn (GPLC), is a patented nitric oxide synthesizing agent that is far more effective in elevating blood nitric oxide levels during exercise than arginine. In fact, the rate limiting factor in the production of nitric oxide is not arginine, but an enzyme called nitric oxide synthase. Think of GlycoCarn as a powerful catalyst that converts arginine in your body into nitric oxide, enabling you to get a great pump from your training.
Take PUMP GC prior to your workouts for a pump you won’t soon forget. Stack PUMP GC with a pre-workout supplement such as Labrada’s Super Charge for even better results.