Klorane Scalp Protective Conditioner with Aquatic Mint 150ml

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This protective conditioner detangles hair and hydrates the scalp. It is clinically proven to add 5X* more shine to hair while detoxifying from environmental residue**. Naturally formulated, this anti-frizz conditioner nourishes the hair with moisture to leave it softer, smoother and more supple. Featuring a refreshing mint scent, it delivers an instant cooling sensation, while maintaining the natural scalp balance. Suitable for frequent use on all hair types.

Vegan friendly1 and 95% Natural formula2. Dermatologically tested.


Detangles hair: 96%***
Protects scalp and hair: 97%***
Instant cooling sensation: 97%****



*+492% shine after 12 applications – average percentage calculated on 20 hair locks analysed on digital photographs under diffused light.
**In-vivo study – Evaluation of the anti-pollution efficacy on modelized pollution after 28 days of use.
***User test on 120 subjects, conditioner used for 2 weeks – % of satisfaction.
****User test on 120 subjects – % of satisfaction after first application. 1. Free from animal-origin ingredients. 2. 95% of ingredients from natural origin.


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