GLAXON CHEAT – GDA Supplement – Non-Stim Weight Loss – 250 Capsule

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Glaxon Provides Holiday Damage Control with GDA Supplement inspired CHEAT Glaxon has entered into the Glucose Disposal Agent category with CHEAT, the all-inclusive carbohydrate management formulation designed to take the brunt of the load when your meals don’t especially fit your macros and may result in you not fitting in your pants in the near future. CHEAT is designed around the principles of being the traffic controller for your current intake of carbs and assisting with directing them to the appropriate parking areas (the muscle) and avoiding the getting towed to the impound lot zones(fat/adipose tissues.) CHEAT does this by assisting with how the body manages incoming blood sugar spikes and the bodies response to insulin (the decider of fat storage.) Most people know when you workout you get a natural partition boost towards the muscle tissues as the body is recovering from the workout and storing blood sugar as glycogen inside the muscle instead of to fat cells. Just like the muscle needs protein to repair itself from work/exercise the muscle needs carbs for future physical activities, but too much of a blood sugar response may cause insulin to flag that excess sugar to move to the liver for conversion to fatty acids instead of the muscle. Resulting in that fat being stored somewhere you likely don’t want it to go instead. By getting ahead of the curve and using CHEAT you are triggering that partitioning benefit whether you are working out or not and can reduce the likelihood of the body storing a lot of those excess carbs as fat downstream. So, this holiday season and for the New Year’s Resolutions CHEAT might just be the best friend you can invite to your favorite sit-down meals, and or late-night drive thru sessions.

Cheat is a pre-meal non-stim weightloss formulation that is designed with you in mind to get the most out of the foods you eat while minimizing the potential drawbacks of putting on excessive weight.  We’ve utilized various ingredients to make your body more sensitive to insulin, and to facilitate absorption of glucose and storage as glycogen. Carbs aren’t bad all the time, but when weightloss is the goal and you know you’re about to indulge, just Cheat your way to success!

Ever feel like all your gains in the gym could be compromised in an instant by a poorly planned cheat day?  We’re here for you! Maybe you even decide to carbo-load before a strenuous leg day at the gym and want to eat a few bowls of pasta before your big day.  If there’s any time that you feel like you might be curbing your weight loss goals by eating more carbs than you should, whether it be intentional or accidental – Cheat is here to help turn all of that into glycogen instead of stored body fat.

Cheat non-stim weightloss works through a few simple mechanisms: increasing insulin sensitivity, increasing the activity of glucose transporters, and supporting optimal blood flow.  For a more comprehensive breakdown see: (link to longer writeup) 

Cheat non-stim weightloss is designed to be taken in one of two ways: either 2 capsules 1-hour before each meal (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) or 3-capsules 1-hour before your most carbohydrate-dense meals.  Maybe you’re not big on breakfast or maybe you don’t eat carbs at night, which would justify the 3-capsule serving size. Please note, that due to the precise delivery route to the small intestine that up to 90 minutes of gastric transit time may be necessary before the capsule contents actually deploy.