Elastoplast Anti-bacterial Fabric Strips 20

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General Information

Elastoplast Antibacterial Fabric Plasters contain antiseptic silver in the wound pad, preventing infections and keeping wounds clean. While the wound pad provides cushioning and absorption, it also releases silver ions during wear – resulting in a constant defence against a broad spectrum of bacteria. The fabric backing is durable, breathable and flexible, allowing natural movement when placed on fingers, elbows, and other joints.

Common Uses

Suitable for cuts, scrapes, grazes and other minor wounds. A great addition to any medical cabinet. An extra sticky adhesive mass ensures these antibacterial bandages stay in place all day – at work, at home, or during play.


Clean the wound and gently wipe away any foreign objects such as dirt or grit. Dry the skin around the cut or graze very carefully. Apply plaster without stretching it, to avoid creases.

Additional information

Weight200 g