Colgate My First Mild Mint Gel Kids Toothpaste up to 6 years 45g

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Colgate My First Kids toothpaste features a low fluoride, low foam, sugar free formula that is uniquely designed for children up to 6 years.


Colgate My First Kids toothpaste has been developed to help you teach your children good brushing habits from the start. This toothpaste is an effective low fluoride toothpaste specially formulated as a low foam gel with a mild mint flavour for children up to 6 years.

– Low fluoride
– Low foam
– Mild mint
– Sugar free
– For children up to 6 years
– Recommended by: The Australian Dental Association (ADA)

Fluoride is our greatest defence against tooth decay, but children require less of it than adults. That’s why Colgate’s range of children’s toothpastes feature increasing levels of fluoride, which grow along with your child.

My First toothpaste has the lowest level of fluoride across the entire Colgate® range of children’s and adult toothpastes.

By helping to replace the essential minerals that plaque acids erode, My First toothpaste promotes strong baby teeth and gums, and it helps prevent the tooth decay that may lead to early childhood caries.

Only a pea-sized amount of My First toothpaste is required when brushing, and parents are encouraged to make sure their children spit and rinse with a small amount of water after brushing.


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