Colgate Cushion Clean Soft Bristles Manual Toothbrush 1 Pack

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Colgate Cushion Clean Soft Toothbrush has super dense fluffy thin bristles that gently polishes teeth & massages gums.


Colgate Cushion Clean Super Dense Fluffy Thin Bristles

– 7 times more tuft density vs. Colgate Extra Clean Soft.
– 3.5mm thin head for easy access to clean back teeth.
– Gently polishes teeth & massages gums.

Even though we’ve been brushing and flossing our teeth for years and years, many of us are surprised to learn that we’re not doing it properly. Did you know that proper brushing takes at least two minutes? Most adults do not come close to brushing that long.

These four steps are the best and easiest ways to help you remember how to care for your mouth, teeth and gums:
1. Brush at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste for at least two minutes, especially in the morning and before bedtime.
2. Floss every day – usually at bedtime.
3. Limit the number of times you eat snacks each day.
4. Visit your dentist every 6 months for an oral exam and professional cleaning.

How to brush:
1. Place the toothbrush at a 45°angle along the gum line. Move the toothbrush in a small, circular motion, and repeat for each tooth.
2. Brush the inside surface of each tooth, using the same back and forth technique.
3. Brush the chewing surface (top) of each tooth.
4. Use tip of brush to brush behind each tooth — front and back, top and bottom and up and down strokes.
5. Be sure to brush your tongue to remove odour causing bacteria.


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