Codral Sore Throat Lozenges Antibacterial + Anaesthetic Lime 36

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General Information

Codral Sore Throat Lozenges Antibacterial + Anaesthetic Lime & Lemon provide numbing rapid pain relief.

These Codral cold and flu lime & lemon flavour sore throat lozenges soothe & target your sore throat to provide rapid pain relief with a numbing anaesthetic & antibacterial formula.

Use this Codral product for:

– sore throats.

CODRAL has a wide range of cold and flu tablets, capsules, hot drinks & liquids, and sore throat lozenges!

Suitable For: Sore Throat

Boxed Contents: 16 lozenges

Size: 16 Pack


• Sore Throat Lozenges
• Antibacterial & Anaesthetic
• Lime & Lemon Flavour


For medical use only.
See your docotor if symptoms persist.
Do not take hot food or drink soon after using this product because it may burn your mouth.CAUTIONThis product contains glucose and sucrose.IMPORTANT INFORMATIONThe efficacy of an antibacterial agent in lozenges in reducing the severity or duration of throat infection has not been clinically established.


Contains: Cetylpyridinium Chloride 1.47mg, Benzocaine 10mg. Glucose and Sucrose.


Who can use this Codral product:
– Adults
– Children over 6 yearsHow many
Dissolve 1 lozenge slowly in the mouth every 2-3 hours as required.Maximum in a day
8 lozenges in 24 hoursSAFETY DIRECTIONSDo not use
– for children under 6 years.
– if foil seal is broken.STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS

Store below 25°C.Storage Temperature: Below 25°C

Additional information

Weight200 g