Carusos King Krill 1500mg Plus Vitamin D 30 Capsules


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The goodness of the red krill oil in King Krill MAX offers you many important health benefits.

King Krill MAX may assist with the pain, stiffness and joint inflammation of Arthritis. It helps support your Heart and ardiovascular system. It may also help maintain healthy cholesterol levels in normal healthy individuals. King Krill MAX also ontains Vitamin D.

Take fewer capsules for the same result
The Essential fatty acids in King Krill MAX are more easily absorbed by your intestinal lining than fish oil. This makes it very convenient to take.

No fishy after-taste
Not only are King Krill MAX capsules more convenient than fish oil, you don’t get any nasty fishy after-taste.

Why is King Krill MAX so good?
Harvested from the icy waters of the Antarctic, King Krill MAX is of the highest quality and potency of red krill oil available. Like fish oil, King Krill MAX contains the Omega 3 Essential fatty acids (EPA and DHA). However, this is where the similarity ends. The
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