Cancer Council Everyday Sunscreen SPF 30+ Tube 250ml

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Lightweight, all-purposes SPF30 lotion for daily use.

– SPF 30 protection
– Broad spectrum UVA + UVB protection
– Easily applied with no white residue
– Light, non-greasy lotion for daily use
– Suitable for all skin types
– Tested to 4 hours water resistance. Cancer Council recommends reapplying every 2 hours.
– Made in Australia

Lotion: Apply sunscreen liberally and evenly to dry skin at least 15-20 minutes before going out into the sun. On an average sized adult, approximately 35ml should be applied. This is the equivalent of 1 teaspoon of sunscreen to each arm, leg, front of body, back of body and face (including neck and ears).

To ensure adequate protection, Cancer Council recommends all sunscreens be re-applied every 2 hours or after swimming, exercising and towel drying.

Avoid prolonged sun exposure and always wear protective clothing, a broad-brim hat and sunglasses when out in the sun.

Avoid contact with eyes (rinse thorough


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