Bisolvon Cough Relief Immune Support 200ml

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General Information

Bisolvon Cough Relief + Immune Support is a unique formulation within the Australian market that combines the ingredients of Ivy Leaf, Elderberry & Zinc and helps to:? – Provide cough relief? – Support healthy immune system function? – Traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to Relieve symptoms of the common cold? & flu – Suitable for the family from ages 2 years and up.


This medicine may not be right for you. Read the warnings before purchase, in warnings section below. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist talk to your health professional.

Common Uses

Bisolvon Cough Relief + Immune Support is a 2-in-1 formulation that relieves coughs and supports healthy immune system function. Traditionally used in Western Herbal medicine to relieve symptoms of cold & flu


Hedera helix dry leaf extract 24mg/7.5mL from 150mg/7.5mL dry leaf. Sambucus nigra fruit juice dry 54.9mg/7.5mL from 3.5g/7.5mL fruit juice fresh Zinc (from Zinc gluconate) 608micrograms/7.5mL Contains sorbitol (7.15g/45mL), sorbate. No artificial colours, artificial flavours, No added gluten, No artificial sweetners, No dairy products


Children between 2-4 years of age: 7.5mL 2 times per day when necessary Children between 5-12 years of age: 15mL 2 times per day when necessary Children & Adults over 12 years of age: 15mL 3 times per day when necessary