Bioglan Brahmi + PS+ Ginkgo FOCUS

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Studying? Have to concentrate all day at work? Or maybe just trying to get the most out of your healthy brain function?Bioglan Brahmi + PS + Gingko Focus can help improve concentration, brain function, memory and alertness*.


What is Bioglan Brahmi + PS + Gingko Focus for?
Bioglan Brahmi + PS + Gingko Focus is a triple action brain formula that can help cognitive brain function such as learning, concentration and memory*. BRAHMI can help learning and memory. Its antioxidant properties help support the body’s cells and protect from free radical damage*. GINKGO BILOBA extract can help increase attention and improve circulation, concentration, learning and memory function and PS (Phosphatidylserine) is found naturally in the brain.

Who is Bioglan Brahmi + PS + Gingko Focus for?
Adults of all ages can enjoy the benefits of Bioglan Brahmi Focus. This product may be of particular benefit for those who are studying or working in an environment requiring high levels of concentration and attention, or who are concerned with maintaining healthy brain function as they age*.
When should I take Bioglan Brahmi + PS + Gingko Focus?
Take daily for the best results or as directed by your healthcare professional.
Why should I take Bioglan Brahmi + PS + Gingko Focus?
Bioglan Brahmi + PS + Gingko Focus features a unique formulation and may help*: – Enhance attention and alertness – Learning  – Improve memory and recall – Assist blood circulation to the brain, hands and feet


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