Benzemul Application 200mL

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Benzemul Application 200mL AUST-R 11491
Use Benzemul Application for the treatment of scabies and body lice.
Lotion may sting or burn. Test on a small area of skin for 10 minutes before general use. If excessive stinging occurs, dilute with an equal quantity of water then retest. Avoid contact with face, neck and eyes. Do not use on children udner 6 months of age unless on medical advice.
Treatment of scabies:
Adults: After a bath, apply a thin layer of Benzemul Application to the cool dry skin of the whole body from the neck down using a soft brush. Allow to dry. Leave on for 24 hours. A second treatment after 5 days is only needed if live mites are present. Children under 12 – Dilute with an equal quantity of water and proceed as per instructions for adults. Treatment of Body Lice: Apply sufficient to thinly coat the affected region, except face and neck. Leave for 24 hours and wash thoroughly. Repeat after 7 days if eveidence of live lice are present. Other members of the family should be checked, and if necessary treated, to avoid re-infestation. If the product gets into the eyes, they should be flooded with water. The product must not be used regularly or for prevention.
Contains Benzyl Benzoate 250mg/ml


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