Benzac AC Moderate Strength 5% Acne Wash 200mL, Body Wash

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Best for use on the chest and back, Benzac® AC Moderate Strength 5% Acne Wash helps to treat moderate coverage of acne. It contains Benzoyl Peroxide which is proven to help kill acne bacteria, ideal for pimple prone skin.



Benzac® AC Moderate Strength 5% Acne Wash is an acne cleanser containing 50mg/g of Benzoyl Peroxide, designed to effectively treat acne and blemishes. This antibacterial wash unblocks pores to remove blackheads and whiteheads, effectively cleansing your skin of blemish-causing impurities. It can be used once or twice daily, and can also be combined with other products from the Benzac® range.



Simply use in the shower as the first step in your three-step acne routine, washing your chest and back (but you can also use it on your face): wet the area you want to cleanse, work into a lather, apply then leave for 30 seconds before washing off and patting dry. Follow with your acne treatment of choice before finishing by applying a moisturiser.

Start off using Benzac AC Moderate Strength 5% Acne Wash once daily, before working up to twice-daily applications. During the first weeks of treatment, a sudden increase in peeling will occur in most people; this will normally subside within a day or two if treatment is temporarily stopped.


Active Ingredients

Active: Benzoyl Peroxide 50 mg/g; Inactive: Acrylate Copolymer, Glycerol, Carbomer 940, Sodium C14-C16 Olefin Sulfonate, Sodium Hydroxide Q.S. Or Citric Acid Q.S. For pH Adjustment, Purified Water To 100 g.

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