Audiplugs High Noise Industrial Ear Plugs 4 Pairs

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General Information

AUDIPLUGS High Noise Industrial Stregth ear plugs are rated at a Sound noise reduction (SNR) 37dB


Store out of reach of children. There is a risk of choking if the plug is stuck in the windpipe.

Common Uses

To reduce loud external noise




1. Roll and compress the earplug between the fingers into a smooth, crease-free cylinder.
2. To ensure a proper fit reach hand over head and gently pull ear upward and outwards.
3. Insert compressed, rounded end of the earplug well into the ear canal. The pointed end should go in first.
4. Hold for a few seconds while plug expands. When correctly fitted the earplug should not stick out of ear. Incorrect insertion does not give full protection.




Additional information

Weight 200 g