Aptamil AllerPro Syneo 1 Allergy Premium Baby Infant Formula From Birth to 6 Months 900g

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Aptamil AllerPro Syneo 1 Allergy Premium Infant Formula from Birth to 6 Months is formulated for babies with cow’s milk allergy and for the dietary management of allergy symptoms. Nutritionally complete premium infant formula.



Our most advanced formulation for cows’ milk allergy.

Life-Transforming Nutrition
40 years research into early life nutrition and immunity.

As experts in Early Life Nutrition, at Nutricia we know breast milk is best. With over 40 years of continuous scientific research into breast milk and maternal and early life nutrition, our Formulations are developed to support your baby’s progress.

Aptamil Allerpro Syneo is a nutritionally complete premium infant Formula suitable For Formula Fed infants who are allergic to cows’ milk. The protein in Aptamil Allerpro Syneo has been broken down (extensively hydrolysed) For the dietary management of allergy symptoms. Containing SYNEO, our patented blend of scientifically researched ingredients, Aptamil Allerpro Syneo is our most advanced formulation for the dietary management of cows’ milk allergy.

HELPS LAY THE FOUNDATIONS for your baby’s future progress.

WITH OVER 40 YEARS of continuous research by dedicated Nutricia scientists, paediatricians and nutritionists.


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