Allens Anticol 3×10 Lozenge Multipack






General Information

ANTICOL with the benefits of Menthol, Eucalyptus Oil and Vitamin C works fast to clear the nose and soothe the throat.


Store Below 30c in A Dry Place.

Do Not Exceed A Dose of 20 Lozenges for Adults and 10 Lozenges for Children Under 12 Years in 24 Hours. Not Suitable for Children Under 6 Years of Age Without Medical Advice. Vitamins Can Only Be of Assistance If the Dietary Vitamin Intake is Inadequate. If Symptoms Persist, Contact A Healthcare Professional.


Active Ingredients Per Lozenge: Menthol 2.08mg, Mentha Arvensis Herb Oil 670µg (Equivalent To Menthol 220µg), Eucalyptus Oil 550µg. Each Soft Lozenge Also Contains: Sodium Benzoate, Glucose (From Wheat Or Maize), Sucrose. This Carton of 23 Soft Lozenges Contains 101mg of Sodium. Made On Equipment That Processes Products Containing Milk Powder. for the Temporary Relief of Sore Throats Due To Coughs.Soothes Sore Throats Due To Coughs. If Symptoms Persist, Consult A Healthcare Practitioner. Always Read the Label, Use Only As Directred.


How To Use Anticol: Slowly Dissolve A Lozenge in the Mouth As Required.

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Weight 200 g