Health Tip: Get Flexible

Stretching is something we neglect a lot of the time even the staff at Pharmacy Junction, but taking a few minutes out of your day to stretch is really going to benefit you It’s going to make you a lot more mobile, prevent injuries, and you’re going to feel a lot better in general. Many people simply don’t stretch enough because they’re not flexible. But to get flexible, you need to stretch. If you can barely touch your toes without a grimace, you’re not going to want to add it to your daily routine even though stretching is something you enjoy. Anyone who thinks they have to be able to bend over backwards to get a decent stretch just needs to start with beginner stretches for flexibility that let you ease into it slowly.

1. Starting on your knees with your back to a with a couch, chair, or footstool.

2. Rest your palms on the piece of furniture behind you. Your fingers should be pointed away from you.

3. Push your chest out and look upward to open your chest and shoulders.

4. Hold for one minute.