Korean Skincare

There is a lot of buzz around the concept of Asian skincare, and a lot of confusion. Most articles about it focus on the high number of possible steps that an Asian skincare routine can contain, which can be overwhelming for newcomers.

The Western skincare routine is comparatively simple. It boils down to cleanser and moisturizer. Some people use eye cream and some have a spot treatment. Serums are usually a splurge. Taken individually, each of these products can be great. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to solve all of your skin problems with just one cream and nearly impossible to develop and manufacture a cream to suit every possible combination of skin problems. What if you’re struggling with acne and aging? What if you’re aging but oily? What if you want to fade dark marks while hydrating very dry skin? Good luck finding a single product that tackles all of these problems while still being at a formulation that works for your skin. Some active ingredients need to be within a specific pH range to work. Others simply don’t play well with each other.

This is where the Asian skincare routine comes in. You know all those toners and essences and serums and ampoules and emulsions you keep hearing about? They act as a vehicle of delivery for different active ingredients to target different issues or to reinforce the treatment of issues. You might have a toner or essence that brightens, with a serum that targets aging, and an emulsion and cream that address redness. The possibilities are endless. That’s what makes Asian skincare so effective for so many of us!

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